29 Juli 2013

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Version 3.8.121 released

You can download the version under http://sourceforge.net/projects/myjaphoo/files/3.8.121/.


Filter Bricks


The new version 3.8 contains a nice new feature for quickly filtering data without knowledge of the underlying filter language. This makes it much easier to work with filters.  You can now simply add a "brick" for a identifier e.g. for dir, tag, exif-tags, etc, and then simply choose the value to filter from a combobox.


Of course it has not the full power of the filter language, but in most cases this is enough to quickly filter and browse the data, and this all without deeper knowledge of the language itself in detail.  The filter bricks get combined with the regular filter expression using a logical "and". So you can combine simple filter tasks and sophisticated filtering within the filter editor.

A bookmark will now also save the status of the filter bricks.

Show ability of external tools


There is now also a visual to direct show all configured external tools. This way you see, if all necessary tools like VLC, mplayer, etc. is properly configured for myjaphoo.

Minor changes to user interface


There are slightly changes and fixes to the user interface. E.g. the properties panel is now on the right side. Information that is displayed here may also contain hyperlinks to open file explorer or a new view filtered by the hyperlink value.

More Groovy

The groovy command language is integrated in a more consolidated way. It contains now commands to manipulate the database entities. The main purpose for this is the ability to apply batch update scripts if there is a need to re-structure database content.


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Bug fixes and smaller changes