14 Februar 2016

Application Data

Normally the application saves all its data in the ".myjaphoo" subdirectory in the user directory. The location for windows is


whereas on linux or unix systems it would be


This directory usually contains the following data:

  • the derby database containing the main data for the application

  • preferences properties saved in the file preferences.properties

  • log files

  • databases.xml: this file contains additional database connections, if defined in the application

The location of this directory could be changed by a property given at start of the application. In the start script you could add -Dmyjaphoo.userDir=<otherDir> to point the application data directory to another directory. This is useful if you e.g. decide to have multiple independent myjaphoo instances with their own data.


The preferences of the applications are written to the preferences.properties file in the application data dir, see above. preferences in general can be overridden by system properties given by the start of the application.