19 Dezember 2015

Starting with version 3.10 the application could also be used in batch mode and in shell mode.

This starts the application in interactive shell mode.

run.bat -i

The application will start a groovysh console and you can interact with the application by executing commands.

Shell Commands



will print out some basic statistics about the current used database.


imp <mode> <dir>

will start a media entry import from a given directory. Mode: Picture or Movie dir: path to the directory where the media is

Execute a groovy script

exec <scriptName>

will execute a groovy script which is saved in the application (in the database).

Batch Mode

You can also simply execute one command. This is helpful to e.g. write own batch scripts e.g. to import/update perodically. Therefore simply execute run.bat and append the command, e.g.:

run.bat imp Pictures c:\myDirWithPictures

will import/update the database with the media files in the given directory and the application stops after the import finished.

Example: import new files in a loop with a batch script:

call run.bat imp Pictures c:\myDirWithPictures
timeout /T 600
goto loop