23 November 2011

You can download the latest version under

Source Forge

Download latest version from Sourceforge. This is will contain the latest versions in different packages for window, linux, etc:

Download at Sourceforge

Computer Bild

or use Download mirror at Computer Bild (this contains only the windows version)

GIGA Software

or download from our german partner Giga Software

Updates and Upgrade

All versions are (until now) backward comatible. This means they are able to read a database of an older version, and if necessary they change the database schema to add newly needed things (e.g. new tables or columns). You can simply use your existing myjaphoo database with a newer installation.


Please see the documentation for detailed installation instructions. In general there is a special installer for windows and an independend installer for all other systems. After installation, there should be a shortcut to start the application.